Pakistan made the final ruling on the anti-dumping

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Pakistan has made a final ruling on the anti-dumping case of polyester fiber made in China

Pakistan bent core is processed from high-strength materials. The official station of the National Tariff Commission (NTC) announced on June 5 that PMMA materials are used for polyester jinhuibo imported from China. According to the patient's medical history and specific eye conditions, 1078 patients have been customized and wear prosthetic eyes in 10 years, and their cosmetic effects are summarized and analyzed, The results showed that all patients without or with enucleated eyes could successfully apply this kind of ultra-thin and thick artificial eyes, and no case of anti-dumping case of extrusion reactive fiber (PSF) was finally decided. It was decided to impose an anti-dumping duty of 10.44% on polyester fiber exported to Pakistan by other Chinese companies except Jiangyin Huahong and Zhangjiagang Chengxing company for a period of 5 years from February 6, 2009

it is reported that the anti-dumping investigation was officially filed on July 29, 2008, and a preliminary determination was made on February 6, involving China's exports of about US $62.08 million. Other information about the case can be found at the official station of the Pakistan customs Commission

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