Analysis of abnormal oil level of the hottest tran

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Analysis of abnormal oil level of transformer

analysis of abnormal oil level of transformer

abnormal oil temperature of transformer: it is found that under normal conditions, the oil temperature is more than 10 ℃ higher than usual or the load remains unchanged and the temperature continues to rise (under the condition that the cooling device operates normally), it can be judged that there is an abnormality in the transformer. Mainly:

I. abnormal temperature caused by internal fault. Its internal faults, such as the short circuit between windings or layers, the coil discharging to the surrounding screen, the internal lead joint heating, the iron core multi-point grounding makes the eddy current increase and overheat, and the zero sequence unbalanced current and other magnetic leakage cause the abnormal temperature of the transformer by forming a loop with the iron oil tank. When these conditions occur, they will also be accompanied by gas or differential protection action. When the fault is serious, the explosion-proof pipe or pressure relief valve may be injected with oil. At this time, the transformer should be stopped for maintenance immediately

II. Abnormal ground temperature caused by abnormal operation of cooler. The cooler operates abnormally or fails compared with the traditional conversion method, such as the shutdown of the submersible pump, the damage of the fan, the fouling of the radiator pipe, the poor cooling effect, the failure of the radiator valve, the failure of the thermometer indication and many other factors cause the temperature to rise. The cooler system should be maintained and flushed to improve its cooling effect. Vortex flowmeter

transformer insulation and modern instruments have largely reduced many problems that human experiments will make. Oil level anomaly analysis: abnormal oil level and oil leakage are common during the operation of the transformer. The inspection and inspection should be carried out when the sample is stretched to a certain position, which is mainly reflected in the following two aspects: 300000 mu of land for reclamation and 1.5 million mu of forest land

I. false oil level: the oil standard tube is blocked; The oil conservator pipette is blocked; The air hole of explosion-proof pipeline is blocked

II. Low oil level: serious oil leakage of transformer; The staff failed to replenish the oil in time due to work needs; The air temperature is too low and the oil volume is insufficient, or the capacity of the conservator is too small to meet the needs of operation

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