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Surface area: the surface area of particles includes inner surface area and outer surface area. The surface area refers to the surface area enveloped by the particle outline, which is determined by the particle size, external morphology and other factors. Internal surface area refers to the surface area of pores, cracks, etc. in the particle. BR, Br, Br

specific surface area: the surface area of an object per unit volume (or unit mass), which is called the specific surface area or specific surface of the object. BR, Br, Br

common specific surface analysis methods: br, Br, Br

(1) bet adsorption method BR, Br, Br

adsorption method is to adsorb adsorbent molecules with known cross-sectional area on the surface of sample particles, calculate the specific surface area of sample according to the adsorption capacity of monolayer of adsorbent, and then convert it into the average particle size of particles. BR, Br, Br

(2) gas transmission method BR, Br, Br

the theoretical basis of gas transmission method is kozenycarman's theory about the relationship between the flow velocity of gas passing through the fixed particle layer and the resistance of the particle layer in the laminar state. The bline method (also known as Burke's method) is the most widely used method to determine the specific surface area of powder. BR, Br, Br

(3) bline method is a common method to determine the specific surface area of cement, and can also be used to determine other dry fine powders. "Br", "br", "br"

among several manufacturers in the same industry, Beijing biood company is the only manufacturer that uses vacuum static understanding method to analyze specific surface area and hole, and the measurement process is a full computer control system, which is controlled by the DC speed regulation system and the computer control of the servo electromechanical rotating part, achieving a truly fully automated operation. "Br", "br", "br"

the working principle of ssa-4200 instrument is the static capacity method of isothermal physical adsorption commonly used in the world. The whole process is automatically controlled by computer without manual monitoring. The specific surface area and porosity analyzer using this method is only produced and sold by our company in China. Our company has applied for relevant national patents for this instrument technology. "Br", "br", "br"

ssa-4200 automatic fast specific surface area and porosity analyzer (nitrogen unit system) can simultaneously adopt independent operation mode to analyze two samples and prepare two samples. The operation software of the instrument is advanced "windows" software. The instrument can carry out single point and multi-point be, and can establish the second constant temperature field t specific surface area, bjh mesopore, pore distribution, pore size and total pore volume and area And the average pore size, the specific surface analysis range is 0.1m2/g to no upper limit, and the pore size analysis range is 0 nm。 BR, Br, Br

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