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Foreign media: China did not export crude oil to North Korea last month

foreign media: China did not export crude oil to North Korea last month

March 22, 2013

[China paint information] inter Korean relations continue to be tense. The North Korean military claimed that if the United States threatens North Korea with nuclear weapons, North Korea will confront it with a more powerful nuclear attack

North Korean state television reported that the spokesman of the supreme command of the Korean people's army pointed out that the United States should not forget that the Andrews base on Guam, where the B-52 bomber took off, and the naval bases on Japan's main island and Okinawa, where nuclear submarines were deployed, were within the precise range of North Korea's attack. If the United States threatens with nuclear weapons, North Korea will retaliate with a stronger nuclear strike

according to Yonhap news agency, does the Korean Central Radio Station choose ball screw or trapezoidal screw at 9 a.m. on the 21st? At about 0.30 before the decision was made, an air raid warning was issued after the test, instructing all troops and units to respond urgently to avoid damage in the enemy's air raid. The alarm will be cleared in 1 hour

in response, the South Korean military said it was closely monitoring the situation, And believe that this is the North Korean army and people "As far as the composite business is concerned, part of the joint exercise is intended to create an atmosphere of war.

Reuters reported that according to Chinese customs data, China did not export crude oil to North Korea last month, which is the first time since February last year. However, whether this measure is aimed at sanctions against North Korea's nuclear test last month has not been confirmed. Crude oil accounts for the largest share of China's aid projects to North Korea, and China used to send crude oil to North Korea every month in the past It supplied 30000 to 50000 tons of oil, but it was zero export in February last year and 2011. China has been reluctant to impose severe sanctions on the DPRK in the past, but China has expressed its support for the earlier UN Security Council resolution on sanctions against the DPRK

in addition, KCNA reported that the 7th session of the 12th Supreme People's assembly of North Korea will be held in Pyongyang on April 1. It is predicted that this session will be possible to formulate relevant economic measures, and the outside world is also concerned about whether North Korea will send more threat signals to the United States and South Korea, whose relations are increasingly tense

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