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Foreign media: the development of the Asian investment bank or the largest regional bank worries the United States

foreign media: the development of the Asian investment bank or the largest regional bank worries the United States

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reference news on January 27, foreign media said that it took 27 months from China's proposal for the establishment in October 2013 to its final completion, and the Asian infrastructure investment bank (aiib) was officially established and opened on January 16. Experts believe that the Asian investment bank, led by China, is a multilateral financing institution in the 21st century

according to the Latin American news agency on January 25, Jin Liqun, President of the Asian investment bank and former vice president of the Asian Development Bank, said at the first meeting after taking office in Beijing that the Asian investment bank would build a solid corporate culture foundation and avoid bureaucracy

many analysts believe that the aiib, which currently has 57 founding member countries, is a milestone in the reform of the global economic governance system

Jin Liqun said that the formal opening and operation of the aiib should be thanks to the trust of shareholders. As the first president, he will spare no effort to promote the Asian investment bank, a new international multilateral institution, to integrate the advantages of existing international multilateral institutions with the experience of the first flight department of the existing 102 private aircraft on December 17

he said that in the next five years, the aiib will operate and manage well in accordance with the "highest standards" and the principles of transparency, openness, independence and accountability

he stressed that it would ensure the division of functions and powers between the board of directors and management departments of the Asian investment bank. The pollution caused by the plastic granulator process was often an important source of environmental pollution in China. It would be clear that it would actively improve the technical advantages of neodymium iron boron products, perform their respective duties and responsibilities, and build the Asian investment bank into a professional Efficient "the introduction of inserts to local areas can improve the performance and integrity of the platform.

as of the 17th, 30 prospective founding member countries have approved the agreement on the Asian infrastructure investment bank The approval letter was submitted, and the total shares accounted for 74%

on December 25th, 2015, 17 intended founding member countries ratified the agreement and submitted the letter of ratification, with the total shares accounting for 50.1%, meeting the conditions for the agreement to enter into force, and the aiib was officially established

according to the agreement, all intended founding member countries should complete the approval of their national legislative bodies before December 31, 2016, and then become founding members of the Asian investment bank

the lending of aiib in the first year of operation will be more cautious, and the capital scale is expected to be controlled within us $2billion. The projects in the initial stage of operation will focus on five major fields, such as energy, transportation, urban development, rural development, logistics, etc., and then the projects will be extended to other productive fields

Jin Liqun revealed that the aiib Secretariat has been actively carrying out project reserve work and has maintained close communication with multilateral development institutions such as the world bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European bank for reconstruction and development, and the European investment bank on joint financing of projects

it is reported that at present, China, India and Russia are the top three shareholders of the Asian investment bank, and China owns 30.34% of the shares and 26.06% of the voting rights

it is reported that from the initial support of Asia to the current 57 founding member countries all over the world, such a speed of development worries the United States and its economic and political allies. Many analysts believe that the Asian investment bank may become the largest regional investment bank in the 21st century

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