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Foreign media: AI technology is giving birth to intelligent agriculture

foreign media: AI technology is giving birth to intelligent agriculture

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original title: foreign media: AI technology is giving birth to intelligent agriculture

[global science and technology comprehensive report] the saying goes: "agriculture is an industry that depends on nature." Most farmers and livestock need to rely on climatic conditions for planting (breeding) and growth. However, with the growth of China's population, farmers are changing their planting and marketing methods to meet the consumption needs of the growing population

in order to change the operation mode of traditional agriculture, artificial intelligence technology is being more and more used in agricultural management. Tequ group is such a case

in February this year, Tequ group and Alibaba cloud finally reached a cooperation and signed an AI agricultural strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out targeted training and research and development of ET brain, and finally fully realize AI pig breeding. Tequ group aims to cultivate 10million pigs by 2020. This goal is difficult for ordinary automation systems, let alone artificial breeding

"if you have 10million pigs, cleaner production processes such as" green manufacturing "are becoming more and more popular, and it is no longer possible to rely solely on people." Zhang Haifeng, CIO of Tequ group, mentioned taking the birth data of piglets as an example. A large number of sows are produced every day, and there are countless people

the secret of winning lies in the AI solution provided by Alibaba cloud. By using intelligent sensors and data analysis technology, Alibaba cloud can help Tequ group's farms monitor the activities of each pig and record their health status in real time

earlier, Alibaba cloud launched et urban brain to optimize urban traffic and ensure the smooth operation of its e-commerce platform. Now, based on the same technology, Alibaba cloud has launched et agricultural brain to improve the operation efficiency and management technology of the farm

in artificial intelligence pig farms, each pig has its own file from the date of birth, and can be taken care of meticulously

video image analysis technology can record the pig's weight, eating conditions, exercise intensity, frequency and trajectory. If a pig can't afford to lie down for a long time, the system will judge whether it is pregnant or ill, and remind manual intervention in time. If the pig just wants to be lazy and doesn't exercise, the breeder will take measures to let it walk more, so as not to affect the feed meat ratio

AI can also monitor the temperature and cough sound of pigs through infrared temperature measurement technology and speech recognition technology. Once there is an abnormality, it can make an early warning of the epidemic at the first time

taking the super pig farm with 10million pigs as an example, basic work like recording piglet birth data is a huge workload, but the group and Alibaba cloud team can easily solve this problem by developing a machine vision technology based on ET brain, which is faster and more accurate than manual counting. Et brain can not only establish a set of files for each pig to realize the adjustment of product structure, including pig variety, age, weight, eating condition, exercise intensity, frequency, trajectory, etc. of the current deputy director of the materials department of the 1 steam technology center. These data can be used to analyze the behavior characteristics, eating characteristics, feed meat ratio, etc. of pigs, but also to predict the annual productivity of sows, That is, the number of live weaned piglets per sow per year. This is an important index to measure the efficiency of pig farms and the reproductive performance of sows. For sows with decreased productivity, et brain will give elimination opinions in advance

according to foreign media, the application of this artificial intelligence technology will help China equal the United States in agricultural technology

according to the data of the U.S. Department of agriculture in May, China's pork production last year was 53.4 million tons, followed by the European Union and the United States

according to a report by DBS Bank of Singapore, Singapore has the largest pork consumption in the world, accounting for half of the total global consumption last year. The agency also predicted that China's annual pork consumption would reach 58.1 million tons by 2021, up from 54.5 million tons in 2016

in fact, with the increase of consumption, Chinese consumers are also increasingly concerned about the quality of food. According to the research of Mintel, a consulting company, last year, Chinese consumers began to prefer pork products with QR codes on their packages. Consumers can scan the QR code to obtain detailed information about the growth and source of pork

Hu Xiaoming, President of Alibaba cloud, said, "what we need is a pig that can run 200 kilometers, not just a pig that weighs 200 kilograms." "The amount of exercise of pigs is gradually becoming a new standard of pork quality."

wangdegen, CEO of Tequ group, believes that AI technology is conducive to the "real industrialization" of pig industry. He said that this has brought a new level of automation and upgraded the entire supply chain, especially in sales and logistics

in fact, pork farmers are not the only beneficiaries. Alibaba cloud and Haisheng group have jointly built a smart farming system. Farmers in their own region can input their geographical location, remove the output wiring area and sow seeds through geographical location information. The system will tell them the best decision and guide farmers how much fertilizer to use and how to sow seeds. Through such cooperation, one mu of land can save farmers 200 yuan

at the same time, based on the algorithm, et agricultural brain can provide farmers with the best fertilization suggestions by establishing a database, and find the ideal location for each kind of fruit tree according to different soil and climate requirements

Jenny Zegler, a global food and beverage analyst at Mintel, said, "at present, artificial intelligence technology is being applied to agricultural solutions to cope with the global food supply shortage."

Zegler said, "a technological revolution is taking place in the manufacturing industry, and some forward-looking companies are developing solutions with scientific and technological components." "This will help brands and retailers establish a more personalized connection with consumers." (liwenyao)

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