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Foreign investors speed up investment in China's fine and special chemicals industry

foreign investors speed up investment in China's fine and special chemicals industry

October 25, 2002

the profit margin of fine and special chemicals is much higher than that of other petrochemical products, and China's plastic extruder enterprise orders have rebounded significantly, with a broad fine and special chemicals market, so foreign investors continue to accelerate investment in China's fine and special chemicals industry

ciba company continues to be optimistic about China's fine and chemical market. As an ideal intraocular lens material in the future, its main disadvantage is that it is not able to be disinfected by high temperature and high pressure. When it exceeds 100e, PMMA will become gel. At present, it is mostly disinfected with epoxy hexane gas; Secondly, because of limited elasticity, foldable intraocular lens suitable for small incision cannot be made; The tolerance to YAG laser is limited, and the monomer released after laser treatment has biological toxicity. The automotive industry has developed. Ciba special chemicals' sales in China have an average growth rate of 15% in the first five years, reaching 395million Swiss francs (238million US dollars) in 2001, accounting for 5% of Ciba's annual sales of 7.9 billion Swiss francs. Ciba's profit in Asia accounts for 26% of its total profit. The company plans to increase it to 33%. Its goal is to achieve an average annual growth rate of 6% in sales in China by 2005. Ciba has invested 166million Swiss francs in China, including 10million Swiss francs of textile chemical devices and Technology Center (recently completed in Panyu). Ciba has a 33% share in China's textile chemicals market and a 3% share in the global market. The total textile chemicals market in Asia is about 6 billion Swiss francs, accounting for 40% of the global market. The market of textile chemicals in China is CHF 2.3 billion. In the first three years, the average annual growth rate of the company's sales reached 20%. About 20% of Ciba's income from China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) is obtained from local production, and 80% of Ciba's imported products are expected to come from Ciba. The company plans to increase its investment in China and change the ratio to 50:50. About 80% of the raw materials of Ciba's production units in China come from local sources. For example, the company's plastic additive in Shanghai. In terms of the current development status of China's new material industry, the dosing device is supplied with 5000 tons of phenol per year by the 45000 ton/year phenol plant of Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Branch, and Ciba can produce 12000 tons of antioxidant containing

phenol per year

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