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Foreign media focus on the five highlights of the 18th CPC National Congress: the new leadership is favored

after summarizing the analysis and comments of the 18th CPC National Congress by world-renowned media, time weekly pointed out that the impact of the new generation of Chinese Communist leaders on the United States will far exceed the impact of the new U.S. President on China. Foreign media focus on the five highlights of the 18th CPC National Congress

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the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held on November 8

as the session approaches, both the new leadership, the structural changes of grass-roots party organizations, and the future development trend of China's economy have become the focus of foreign media and think tanks. In their eyes, the 18th CPC National Congress, together with the US presidential election and European integration, will become a major event affecting the times

Political analysts of the Brookings Institution in the United States believe that the 18th CPC National Congress will continue the practice of the 16th CPC National Congress, and the power of the world's most populous country will achieve an orderly and institutionalized intergenerational transformation, which not only means the further maturity of democracy within the Communist Party of China, but also means that China will win more praise and recognition from the international community

According to the Brookings Institution, the new leadership will bring new hope to China's future development. Most of them were born after the founding of new China. They have rich grassroots leadership experience, a high level of knowledge and a deep professional background, which will help promote China to make new progress

after analyzing the text of the public speech delivered by the CPC leaders on the eve of the 18th CPC National Congress, the New York Times pointed out that the new generation of leadership core of the CPC takes "new" as the key word, and frequently emphasizes "new era", "new characteristics" and "new knowledge" in the speech, indicating that China will continue to pay attention to institutional innovation to adapt to new historical opportunities and challenges in the future

recently, ABC columnist Kerry Brown wrote an article saying that the 18th CPC National Congress will become a "major event" that will affect the future of China and even the world

Time magazine seems to share this view. After summarizing the analysis and comments of world-renowned media on the 18th CPC National Congress, it pointed out that the impact of the new generation of leaders of the Communist Party of China on the United States will far exceed the impact of the new president of the United States on China. As a global political and economic power, China will bring hope to the world economic development and determine the future economic development trend in the new era, especially in the context of the financial crisis sweeping the world. 6. The accuracy of microcomputer software analysis data

Africa report, which is headquartered in the UK and focuses on Africa's political economy, believes that China and Africa have maintained close political ties for many years. In the past decade, bilateral investment and trade relations have been growing. China's stable development will not only determine the future of the world's second largest economy, but also directly affect the future of Africa

actively pay attention to the changes in the structure of CPC members

the 18th CPC National Congress is about to be held. Another issue of general concern to foreign media is the changes in the internal structure of the Communist Party of China

the Financial Times said that the number of CPC members jumped from more than 4 million in 1949 to more than 80 million in 2011, which further expanded the ruling foundation on the one hand; On the other hand, it also makes party members show the characteristics of lower average age, higher average education level and more diversified identity

a survey by Le Monde in France shows that the average age of CPC members is getting lower and lower, mainly because more college students actively join the party. The newspaper believes that the new generation of "post-80s" and "post-90s" party members can skillfully use the Internet, are easy to accept new ideas, and have a strong desire to express. They will bring new vitality to the development of political parties. The financial times also believes that the new generation of CPC members affected by the Internet era, especially college student party members, have a strong sense of ownership and express their demands, and most of them are willing to actively participate in the discussion of political and social topics

after analyzing the structural distribution of CPC members, the New York Times pointed out that more and more senior intellectuals have joined the CPC, which has improved the overall ruling ability of the party and will promote the party to make more scientific decisions

American cable TV pays more attention to the CPC members working in private enterprises. The media quoted scholars as saying that with the increasing proportion of China's private economy, more and more private owners and enterprise executives will join the Communist Party of China. Cable TV believes that this trend will further expand the mass base of the Communist Party of China, and the interests of different classes will be more balanced

predict that the "booster" of the global economy will inject new impetus

in addition to looking forward to the adjustment at the political level, the attention of foreign media and other institutions to the 18th CPC National Congress is more focused on the economic field. In the view of some analysts, the economic policy guidance proposed at the 18th CPC National Congress will directly affect the future development of China and even the world economy

the Financial Times quoted Ma Kaishuo, the author of the new Asian hemisphere and Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of public policy at the National University of Singapore, as saying that in the next decade, the Chinese leadership will inject new impetus and vitality into the Chinese economy

according to Ma Kaishuo, China currently has great advantages: the world's largest foreign exchange reserves, the most solid industrial foundation, the best infrastructure, the largest emerging middle class and the largest number of science and engineering graduates. On the basis of these advantages, China's new leadership can bring China's economy to a new round of explosive growth

at present, although the world is facing an overall economic crisis, the New York Times is still optimistic about China's economy. The newspaper pointed out that no matter what arrangements the 18th CPC National Congress made for personnel adjustment, its internal long-term basic goal of economic growth has always been consistent. The attention paid by the Chinese leadership to the economy and its long-term experience in local economic development are important guarantees for China to survive the world economic crisis smoothly

Yonhap quoted an analysis report from Barclays Bank in Paris, France, saying that on the eve of the 18th CPC National Congress, Chinese leaders continued to emphasize the importance of economic restructuring, which means that the new leadership will focus on promoting economic development and take measures to deal with the impact of the global financial crisis. Barclays also believes that as China becomes an economic power, the mode of China's economic development will change from "economic miracle" to "normal development". As long as the Chinese leadership can focus on structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, it will be able to guide China's economy towards a mature development path and contribute to the sustainable development of the world economy

in addition to the macroeconomic outlook, some professional institutions have also analyzed China's microeconomics. HSBC Bank of Hong Kong released an analysis report in September, pointing out that the convening of the 18th CPC National Congress means that China will adjust its economic and social policies to adapt to the global situation. As a means of coping with the financial crisis, the leadership of China's ruling party will pay further attention to the regulatory role of domestic employment and capital markets

the report also believes that although China's overall economic situation is promising, it still faces challenges in the short term: on the one hand, the poor global economic situation affects the export of Chinese products, on the other hand, labor costs rise. Under the pressure of these two aspects, China should seek new economic growth models, such as technological upgrading, developing more high value-added products, improving the level of service industry, and it can detect whether the manhole cover is qualified, so as to make better use of the regulatory role of the capital market

optimistic about the new generation of leadership to improve people's livelihood

the British economist believes that with the continuous growth of China's per capita income, people's requirements for the quality of life are also improving. Therefore, the improvement of governance in social security, health care, education and other areas of people's livelihood will be on the agenda of China's new generation of leadership

Reuters also paid attention to relevant topics and focused on China's social security system reform. Reuters said that China is likely to face the dilemma of insufficient funds in the social security system in the next 10 to 20 years. Therefore, reasonably adjusting the pension system, improving the pension level, promoting China's domestic consumption growth and reducing export dependence will be one of the key issues facing the new generation of leadership. On the eve of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Reuters also offered China a "trick" - to inject a certain amount of foreign exchange reserves into the pension fund pool to improve the "hematopoietic" capacity of the pension system

in fact, the Chinese government has been making great efforts to reform the pension system and other economic and livelihood fields, and has incorporated them into the overall economic reform framework. On the whole, foreign media are optimistic about China's new generation of leadership in regulating the economy and governing people's livelihood

there is a heated discussion about China's "new actions" in diplomacy.

will China's foreign policy be adjusted after the 18th CPC National Congress? This is also one of the focuses of attention of other countries

the Singapore based think tank "East Asia Forum" commented that the new generation of Chinese leadership is unlikely to make fundamental changes in foreign policy, but there will be some predictable "new actions"

the commentary pointed out that, unlike ten years ago, the main targets of China's diplomacy are not only national actors, but also international organizations and international mechanisms. With its growing national strength and influence, how can China accurately choose? Let's first understand that it has the ability to participate in the formulation of international rules and has the strength to become a "senior player" in international politics. China's new generation of leadership is bound to promote the further development of this trend

accounted for 13.9%; The equipment with a journey of 400 ~ 700mm, American Foreign Affairs magazine holds a similar view to the "East Asia Forum". The magazine published an analysis article saying that after the 18th CPC National Congress, China will continue to appear as an active actor in international politics. At the same time, China will change from a "responder" to a "setter" of international rules and play a new role

the current and future Sino US relations have also attracted the attention of foreign media

the British Guardian pointed out that the United States, on the one hand, hopes to maintain close ties with China, and on the other hand, does not forget to "stay on the side". The Obama administration has planned to shift its military focus to the Pacific region since 2011, and has exerted greater pressure on China together with its military partners such as Japan and South Korea. In this process, China has always released goodwill to the United States and carefully handled trade disputes with the United States, contributing to the maintenance of Sino US relations. The guardian believes that the new generation of Chinese leaders will continue to inherit this diplomatic policy and deal with China US relations in a reasonable manner

on the eve of the 18th CPC National Congress, many media have continued to pay attention to the territorial disputes between China and its neighbors

the New York Times pointed out that China's emphasis on sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands reflects the leadership's adherence to national interests, but the cooling of China Japan relations is not good news for China and Japan. How to properly handle the territorial issue requires China's new leadership to use more diplomatic wisdom

foreign affairs magazine believes that in the future, China will strive to solve the territorial disputes and security problems faced by its neighbors, so as to create a good environment for its own development, which will be the foundation of China's foreign policy in the future

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