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Foreign media pay attention to the rich in China and start talking loudly at the two sessions

foreign media pay attention to the rich in China and start talking loudly at the two sessions Global Times global news: too high tax rates will scare away the rich, and it is suggested to reduce taxes for those with a monthly income of 100000 yuan. In recent days, Zhang Yin, member of the CPPCC National Committee and the richest woman in China's paper industry, has aroused thousands of waves with one stone, which has not only become the focus of public opinion in China, but also attracted the attention of foreign media

After that, the voices of Zhang Hongli and zongqinghou, the Chinese rich, defending their own class, attracted the attention of Chinese and foreign media. The remarks of the Chinese rich are gradually becoming a hot topic in the eyes of foreign media. In an interview with the global times, Professor zhangyiwu of Peking University believed that more and more rich groups in China began to speak loudly, indicating that Chinese society is developing towards diversity, which also means that different groups are making full use of their voice to pursue interests. This work among groups is amplified and transformed by a/d converters. Discussion and game is also a sign of harmony

Forbes: the remarks of China's rich have aroused fierce criticism

China's richest man asked for an income tax reduction. On March 4, Forbes magazine station in the United States reported Zhang Yin's views with this title. The article said that in China, topics between the poor and the rich can always trigger discussion, while China's richest woman, Zhang Yin, put forward the sensitive proposal of tax reduction

the article further reported that on the occasion of the annual Chinese people's Congress, as the female founder of Nine Dragons Paper, the largest paper enterprise in Asia, Zhang Yin, who spoke plainly, called for reducing the personal income tax rate from 45% to about 30% when the monthly income exceeded 100000 yuan. She believed that reducing taxes could eliminate active tax evasion and encourage more rich people to keep their money in China

it may not be accidental that Zhang Yin's proposal was responded to by another CPPCC member, Zhang Hongli, chairman of Deutsche Bank (China) Co., Ltd. Forbes magazine then mentioned the names of other Chinese rich people. Zhang Hongli also called on China to keep up with neighboring countries in terms of individual income tax rates, so as to strengthen China's competitiveness in attracting high-end talents. The article said that their reform movement also received the public support of another entrepreneur, zongqinghou, the founder of Hangzhou Wahaha Group

the article also describes the situation in which the remarks of China's rich people caused heated debate on the Internet. Their comments received some support, the article said, but there were more fierce criticisms on the Internet. Many people believed that this proposal only represented the interests of them and rich people like them

more and more rich people in China are willing to pursue interests

from one system to another. In fact, before and after the two sessions, many Chinese entrepreneurs made Zhang Yin's comments. Not long ago, Chen Hongtian, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Shenzhen Cheung Kei group, said that some people can't live in a house and have nothing to do with developers, which also caused a sensation in public opinion. Entrepreneurs are considering their own interests! When will there be representatives of migrant workers? For the remarks of the rich, friends' criticism is obviously more than support

the speeches of Chinese entrepreneurs' representatives can trigger heated discussions and heated debates at home and abroad, which is enough to show that Chinese rich people are more willing to use their voice to pursue interests. Zhang Yiwu, a professor at Peking University, said in an interview with the global times that mining is the lowest among engineering plastics

as Professor Zhang Yiwu said, it is understood that there are many representatives of entrepreneurs at the two sessions, including rich entrepreneurs such as Zhang Yin, Xu Rongmao and Chen Tianqiao who are shortlisted in Hurun and Forbes

as for the criticism of Chinese public opinion that the rich are more talking for their own interests, Professor Zhang Yiwu believes that some of the interest demands made by the rich groups in China are actually a manifestation of social diversity. In this regard, the public should hold a rational attitude. China's 30-year period of great development has created different social groups, which cooperate and game with each other. Therefore, the hatred of the rich and the hatred of the poor should be abandoned

Zhang Yiwu also believes that during the two sessions, the protection of the interests of the working class will still be the most concerned and valued topic. With the loud voice of the rich group, there is another large group that needs to be concerned about in Chinese society. The moderate and introverted middle class group should have more voices from the middle class

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