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Foreign media said that the United States and Al Qaida jointly supported the Syrian opposition

[Global Times comprehensive report] "Al Qaida is kidnapping the Syrian revolution", and the warning issued by the New York Times on the 26th was widely cited in the West. The west, which used to cheer for the "better than expected progress" of the opposition, which was the first choice to replace steel with plastic for lightweight cars, suddenly found that behind the progress, their arch rival, Al Qaeda, was increasingly shaking behind it

an article in the US Weekly Standard on the 26th said that the US National Intelligence Commission said that the branch forces of Al Qaeda in Iraq had spread to Syria. The precision of the extruder can improve the gold content of products. Welcome to Nanfang experimental machine factory 2017. Dempsey, chairman of the joint committee, also believes that there are signs that Al Qaeda has participated in anti-government activities in Syria

according to the financial times, many external forces have a stake in who will take charge of Syria. Syrian opposition forces have not only the support of the United States, but also the support of Al Qaeda, which is likely to become the first largest material. This must be the first time in history.

American "Eagle" commented on the 25th that if you choose between good and evil, you will choose good; If you have two options: freedom and autocracy, you will choose freedom; But what if you choose between "evil" or "tyranny"? The United Nations faces a dilemma in choosing between Bashar and Al Qaeda on the Syrian issue

Wu Bingbing, an expert on Middle East issues at Peking University, said that the United States adopts double standards in dealing with terrorism. When Al Qaeda attacks American targets, it is the enemy, and the United States has the side of using terrorist organizations. For example, when there are members of Al Qaeda in Syria, the United States will remain silent. It is this double standard that provides more space for the development of terrorism

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