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Foreign instrument giants actively "attack" the Chinese market

recently, the Boao Forum for Asia 2018 annual meeting was in full swing in Boao, Hainan. As China's first home diplomatic event in 2018, the Boao Forum for Asia is "tall and high", but the content is not "empty". The series of initiatives and measures put forward at the meeting really meet the practical needs of all walks of life

for example, in terms of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, China proposes to establish a national intellectual property office, strengthen law enforcement, increase illegal costs, and provide strong protection for innovation and entrepreneurship. In this way, China's new technologies and products will go to sea more smoothly. Chinese enterprises are expected to be protected in terms of intellectual property rights in the future, whether they hope to make a breakthrough through innovation and entrepreneurship in China or "go to sea" to promote new technologies and products. From the side, this also means that China's scientific and technological strength has been improved, which will put forward requirements for intellectual property protection

the development of science and technology is naturally inseparable from efficient and practical instruments and equipment. With the improvement of China's scientific and technological level and the development of major industries, the demand for scientific instruments has also entered a new stage. For foreign enterprises working hard in the Chinese market, this experience is quite profound. Recently, at the launching ceremony of the Shanghai Application Laboratory of Hitachi high tech science park, general manager of Hitachi high tech company China Industrial Group San shanqingtai said, "China's automotive, semiconductor and other industries are facing a huge technological change." The establishment of Shanghai application laboratory is also to provide services to Chinese users in the fields of semiconductors, materials, energy, environment, food safety and so on (including a variety of scientific instruments and solutions under Hitachi) mainly in the following five aspects: specifically, to meet the needs of these industries for scientific instruments

Hitachi is not the only overseas instrument enterprise actively deploying the Chinese market. Shimadzu, also from Japan, has been based on China's current national conditions, accurately monitoring the development direction of the domestic instrument market, and launched a series of innovative instrument products. At the same time, Shimadzu also actively cooperates with domestic colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions, and frequently attends and holds exhibitions related to major instruments. As a world leader in the field of scientific services, the use of highly active San (acrylonitrile styrene copolymer) can well improve the above problems. Semefi is also constantly improving its own strength and deepening its layout and investment in the Chinese market. Conforming to the national policy and situation and taking the lead in launching instrument products that meet the needs of China is the "winning magic weapon" for thermo flight to expand and consolidate the Chinese market. Not long ago, Agilent also established a new electromagnetic compatibility laboratory in Shanghai to help Agilent develop and produce gas chromatography products. In addition, Walters, Brooke, Perkin Elmer and other international instrument giants have also thrown olive branches to this mysterious oriental land, carefully "landing" while chasing each other

reform and opening up have opened the door to China. With the continuous development of science and technology and the gradual improvement of scientific research level, the development of China's instrument industry is faster and faster, and domestic instruments also have the strength to compete with imported instruments. However, the development of domestic instruments is still bumpy

imported instruments rely on cutting-edge technology to enter China's instrument market, quickly occupy the high-end market, and gradually penetrate into the middle and low-end market. Domestic instrument and meter enterprises with late start and weak foundation rely on lower prices to enter the low-end market. In recent years, relying on policy support and the improvement of scientific research level, they gradually enter the medium and high-end market. It seems that domestic instruments are developing in a positive direction, but the fact is that although domestic instruments are developing rapidly, at present, factors such as low-grade homogenization competition, bidding "being excluded", foreign implicit technology wall experts predict barrier constraints still make the current domestic testing instruments in an awkward situation

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with the increasing demand for testing instruments in the fields of environment, food, medical treatment and so on, China's testing instrument industry will usher in a golden period of development, and the gradual opening of potential markets will further stimulate the investment of various instrument manufacturers at home and abroad in China. In the future, how to strengthen product R & D and innovation and pay attention to quality improvement, so as to break the low-grade homogenization phenomenon and realize the reversal of domestic instruments is an urgent problem for domestic instrument manufacturers

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