The world's first man with Allison gearbox is the

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The world's first man truck with Allison gearbox was put into use in the volunteer fire brigade of Zell am Ziller

the world's first man truck with Allison gearbox was put into use in the volunteer fire brigade of Zell am Ziller

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man Tgs truck with Allison 4000 series gearbox first appeared in the 2015 interschutz exhibition, It is now on the road in Tirol, Austria

Beijing - the volunteer fire brigade of Zell am Ziller recently received the latest man TGS 18.400 4x4 fire truck, which is equipped with empl tlf-a 3000/150/50 and equipped with Allison 4000 series transmission

Roman eggenfellner, manager of the municipal sales team of man truck and bus Austria, said: "Man tgs18.400 4x4 equipped with Allison gearbox sets a new standard for heavy vehicles in the field of fire protection and emergency rescue. The Allison gearbox is assembled before leaving the factory, which reflects that we have continued our long tradition on the one hand, and on the other hand, it meets the specific requirements of the tender. The excellent performance of this power transmission system in acceleration and shifting shows the market and technical leadership of man truck in the field of fire protection and emergency rescue Bit. "

Located in the center of Ziller Valley, Zell am Ziller is a popular winter sports area in the Alps. The annual record of tourists staying here is 660000 nights. The operation area of the volunteer fire brigade is 41 square kilometers, covering a tunnel, three cable car companies, many hotels, alpine meadows and ski huts. The altitude difference of the operation area is close to 2000 meters

zell am Ziller fire brigade commander Siegfried Geisler said: "There are two characteristics of our multi fluorine and multi-purpose fluorochemical industry: 1. In the past, when making traditional products, rescue operations often required all kinds of climbing and ascending. Starting and braking on steep slopes, narrow roads and sharp turns required the driver's full attention. We need Allison automatic transmission, because its transmission technology can enable us to arrive at the accident scene faster and more safely even under bad working conditions."

zell am Ziller fire brigade commander Siegfried geisler

in response to emergencies, 18 ton trucks need to climb quickly, which requires engine power and torque to be completely transmitted to the driving wheels. Allison 4000 series full-automatic transmission has a patented torque converter, which enables uninterrupted power shift to achieve excellent acceleration and continuous traction

man TGS truck equipped with Allison 4000 series gearbox

Allison gearbox central and Western European OEM Harald rosenauer, director of DOEM and business development, believes: "By providing Allison automatic transmission configuration as a series of options, man truck and Bus Co., Ltd. has met the expectations of many fire departments for driving configuration, and achieved excellent vehicle power, reliability and simple handling under extreme conditions. The partnership between man truck and bus Austria Co., Ltd. and Allison transmission company has created a mature power system completely suitable for the harsh conditions of heavy-duty rescue. Vehicles equipped with 400hp engine and Allison 4000 series transmission have excellent acceleration and operational performance. "

Allison 4000 series gearbox

in addition, the integration of vehicle body and water pump device is very important for fire truck operation. Reinhard Gruber, a fire truck salesman who can cure empl with ultraviolet light within 15 seconds, said: "empl is very honored to launch this model jointly with man and Allison transmission company. Equipped with Allison's drive system, chassis, body and water pump, it is efficient to cooperate. Coupled with empl's fire-fighting technology, the vehicle and its equipment can be fully competent for any work."

man TGS 18.400 4x4 BB with Allison 4000 series transmission and empl body Tlf-a 3000/150/50 truck

end user

Austrian Zell am Ziller volunteer fire brigade

chassis (manufacturer)

man truck and Bus Co., Ltd.

chassis (model)

man TGS 18.400 4x4 BB


4.500 mm

body (manufacturer)


body (model

tlf-a 3000/150/50


man D20 common rail

engine output power

294 kw (400 HP)/1900 nm


Allison 4000 series automatic transmission


1 + 8

fire extinguishing agent

3000 liters of water, 150 liters of class a foam fire extinguishing agent, 50 liters of AFFF foam fire extinguishing agent

special requirements for body

• h.i.t. can bus controller (displayed on cab and water pump)

• LED lighting

• 14 KVA generator

• pneumatic light pole function light Electric tilt rotation (8 x LED headlamp)

• foam ratio: CTD cameleon, electric foam pump - 30 l/min

• electric hose reel 50m

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