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On the quality management of packaging and printing

accumulation and thin development

Xingguang group is the first printing enterprise in Asia to pass the certification of 1S09000 quality management system. It has accumulated many years of experience in the implementation of 1S09000 quality management system + every supplementary printing report must be signed by the top management. It is the characteristic of starlight to highlight the internal skill of quality management in subtle places. With scientific and standardized management, starlight printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ranks 17th among the top 100 Chinese printing enterprises in 2005, and has become a packaging product supplier for end users in Europe and America such as Microsoft and Hasbro

starlight has a set of sound quality organization framework, including Laike inspection department, QA department, general corrective measures department, quality service department, supplier QE department, etc., which ensure the quality control ring and box buckle and control various potential factors affecting quality to the lowest level

Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Group Co., Ltd., which ranked first among the top 100 Chinese printing enterprises in 2005, raised the quality awareness to a strategic height, implemented total quality management (TQM), continuously improved the reputation, popularity and reputation of the enterprise with qualified and excellent products, further expanded the market, and achieved better results. The samples were preserved under the specified temperature test to experimental economic and social benefits, Become one of the few domestic suppliers of high-end high-quality cigarette packaging and chemical: lingpin, wine packaging

first of all, Jinjia shut down the traitor from the source. Qualified raw materials are the key elements of producing qualified products. In terms of packaging and printing products, it is extremely important for the technology department and relevant functional departments to develop and select high-quality paper, ink, anodized foil, varnish, film and other raw materials, effectively do a good job in the development and selection of materials, procurement and supply, incoming inspection and warehouse management, and strictly guard the "entry gate"

secondly, control the manufacturing process. The production of a batch of qualified products must go through the main process, condensing the efforts and sweat of the production line, the management department and the logistics department to serve the staff at each stretching point according to the stretching data. From design, proofing to order printing, die cutting and hot stamping, one-time molding, die cutting, grinding, inspection, packaging and other production links, operations are carried out in strict accordance with technical quality standards and production processes, and are never sloppy or random. Once quality problems occur, effective measures should be taken immediately, and every effort should be made to remedy or improve them, so as not to let unqualified products flow into the next process, let alone create a fluke mentality to muddle through

thirdly, communicate information with customers in time. Different brands, specifications and batches of products have different technical standards and requirements. This requires salesmen, designers, merchandisers and relevant units such as marketing department, quality control department, production department, technology department, finished products department, materials department, information department and production workshop to timely follow up and communicate relevant information, closely cooperate, support each other, form a joint force, give full play to the role of a team, and jointly do a good job in the design, production, sales and after-sales service of products, so as to satisfy customers and reassure consumers

it is the general trend to promote standardization in enterprises. However, I don't know how many enterprises in the country have passed the IS09001 quality certification system, and I don't know how many of these enterprises are just walking through the motions and obtaining certification with certificates. The cost of not producing is also lower. These enterprise decision makers do not want to implement the quality standardization system that has swept the world in their companies. However, in such enterprises, the standards they set are too difficult to implement among employees. When everyone is exhausted, they can only endure to see the standardization system that they once advocated go down the drain

real standardization should first be simple and clear at a glance; Secondly, standardization must be practical. To put it more clearly, it should be the concentration of current work behavior; Finally, standardization should be a useful and easy to implement outline. Useless and inconvenient standards are either implemented exhaustively by employees, or can only be piled up in numerous documents without anyone's attention, and finally weaken the dignity of standards


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