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Talking about the role of drug packaging in OTC drug marketing

with the change of people's drug habits, drug packaging has gradually been paid attention to. Packaging plays an important role in the OTC market. From the perspective of marketing, the packaging of drugs is not only the physical object seen by consumers in pharmacies, but also the packaging concept in the process of OTC drug marketing. This concept is of great significance in OTC drug marketing. How should its functions and functions be reflected in marketing? The author believes that the following three aspects should be paid attention to

scientific and vivid concept

the marketing of a drug, whether it is new development, old drugs and new drugs, or new drugs, must be based on scientific pharmacological properties. In the OTC market, drugs are faced with ordinary consumers, who want to understand the principle of the drug to achieve the purpose of treatment in the process of purchase. Therefore, scientific theories should not be straightforward, but should be "vivid", "visualized" and "differentiated", that is, profound theories should be packaged, and the theories should be interpreted with simple principles, so that the theories can become something that everyone can understand, so as to impress consumers and lay the foundation for a series of subsequent marketing planning activities. Some successful old products have achieved good sales through concept conversion and packaging to maintain a good combination of machine base and cement foundation. For example, calcium supplements based on the theory of "enhancing bone development, strengthening physique, supplementing nutrition and promoting absorption" have replaced the traditional concept of "multivitamins", and have made a great breakthrough in marketing. Products that replace the concept of treating muscle and bone soreness with "general pain is not painful, pain is impassable" also have good achievements. This theoretical packaging is easy to understand and more touching. Dissolve the effectiveness, progressiveness and scientificalness of drugs in one 17 Control mode: manual or microcomputer control body can explain a phenomenon with a reason that is easy for consumers to understand, generate appeal, and quickly get customers' psychological recognition. This type of theoretical packaging shortens the distance between drugs and patients, makes drugs have affinity, and is of great benefit to promote sales. Therefore, scientific analysis and accurate positioning of drugs are the basis of marketing work before products are launched. Only when the theory article is done well, the following specific plan will be targeted and hit the target

physical products have a distinctive core browsing

physical packaging refers to the appearance entity of drugs seen by consumers in pharmacies. In the OTC market, pharmaceutical enterprises pay more and more attention to the shelf sense of drugs. When consumers choose similar drugs, in addition to advertisements and salesperson's recommendations, the feeling of appearance is also very important. Meeting the psychological needs of patients is the focus of visual design. The atmosphere of culture and technology should be presented on the packaging. The purpose of communicating with patients through artistic creativity is the intention of packaging design. With the continuous segmentation of the market, due to the different target consumers, the differentiation between prescription drugs and OTC drugs in packaging is becoming increasingly obvious. In the face of doctors, the packaging of prescription drugs is more rational and standardized (the drug administration department has clear provisions on trade names and common names, etc.) to suit the aesthetic taste of doctors; OTC drugs are more market-oriented, and they draw a lot from the manifestations of food and beverage, which are vivid, pleasing to the eye and distinctive in personality. People, plants, calligraphy, modeling and other performance elements should be used on the packaging to shorten the psychological distance with patients. When designing the packaging of Salvia miltiorrhiza oral liquid for a pharmaceutical company some time ago, the author consulted several medical consultants successively to understand the pharmacology, drug properties, color, font, general name and trade name layout one by one. After the package came out, the manufacturer immediately said that he felt right and made a decision. After being put into the market, the reaction was very good. The physical packaging of drugs has become the medium of communication between drugs and customers, and plays a certain role in promoting sales

the terminal is lively and eye-catching

in order to complete the sales of drugs, it is still necessary to go to the drugstore for OTC listing. Thousands of drugs are placed together, and there are at least seven or eight similar drugs. How to make a drug "jump out" depends on physical packaging alone. The last means is the terminal packaging of drugs. The terminal packaging mentioned here is a specific marketing means, and it is also a specific measure for us to raise the pharmaceutical packaging to the marketing level. For example, through pop (terminal promotional materials, including licensing, land licensing, flag hanging, promotional leaflets, and introduction), the 10000 ton negative electrode material project of Yicheng Xinneng is started, gifts, creative items, etc., so that potential customers can see and feel the drug as soon as they enter the door

in the future, more print advertisements and film and television advertisements will focus on theoretical packaging, while physical packaging will become more and more important in marketing. Terminal packaging will lead to the innovation and improvement of terminal management and construction, on-site promotion, academic marketing and other means. The development and improvement of packaging concept will further promote OTC marketing in China

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