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60% of rice in Dongyang is dried by machinery to "replace people with machines" to promote agricultural efficiency

recently, over a farm in the suburbs, three unmanned aerial vehicles sprayed pesticides back and forth according to the set route, and sprayed the liquid contained on more than 10 mu of farmland in just a dozen minutes. It turned out that the farm was carrying out the plant protection operation of UAV flight prevention. It is reported that unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used in plant protection. They are suitable for food crops, oil crops, fruit trees and cash crops. Their efficiency is 80 times that of manual operations, which greatly improves the efficiency of plant protection operations

"compared with traditional manual operation, UAV plant protection has obvious advantages in other aspects besides high efficiency." Wu xinqun, the relevant person in charge at the scene, said with a remote control that UAV plant protection can save resources and improve efficacy. Using low-volume spray can save 50% of water and pesticides compared with ground plant protection machines, and the cost per mu can be saved by 50 to 100 yuan, "In addition, its operation is not limited by the terrain environment, but only affected by the height of crops. At the same time, it is very safe and environmentally friendly for operators. The remote control through the remote controller can reduce the contact with pesticides and prevent operators from drug damage."

as early as 2014, Dongyang City introduced the UAV flying plant protection technology with reliable quality as the guide. After several years of development and technical update, the UAV plant protection technology has been relatively mature. In 2018, Dongyang City established a UAV "flying defense" service organization, which can provide "flying defense" services for the city's rice, vegetables, fruit trees and other fields

now is the key season for early rice harvest. Zhao Yanchun of Yanchun family farm in Weishan Town is busy drying early rice. This year, Zhao Yanchun planted nearly 1200 mu of early rice. Coupled with the surrounding large grain growers, the drying capacity of early rice remote locking with PEEK aiming frame reached 2000 tons

Zhao Yanchun said, "23 grain dryers in the farm work together, and it is expected to be completed in more than 20 days. If there is no dryer, we can only cut 45 mu of fields a day, and now we can cut 140 mu of fields a day."

in 2017, the number of grain dryers in Dongyang City reached 280, with a batch processing capacity of more than 3800 tons. In the whole year, 55000 tons of rice were mechanically dried, and the machine drying rate reached 60.5%

as the first batch of safe agricultural machinery demonstration cities in China, the first batch of agricultural mechanization demonstration cities in Zhejiang Province, and the first batch of agricultural "machine replacement" demonstration counties in the province, Dongyang City has established counties and cities in recent years, closely focusing on the goal of "agricultural mechanization leading agricultural modernization", with high-tech plant protection As a breakthrough point, grain drying will promote the "machine replacement" of grain industry with point belt area pole, and promote agricultural production and efficiency

in 2018, Dongyang Municipal Bureau of agriculture focused on the new environmentally friendly grain drying machinery and high-tech plant protection, and made every effort to promote the full coverage of mechanization from point to area

"on the one hand, we should seek local high-tech agricultural machinery, on the other hand, we should formulate relevant policies to support the development of mechanized services in relevant links. In recent years, advanced machinery such as heat pump grain dryers, biomass particle combustion furnaces, self-propelled spray spray, unmanned plant protection aircraft and so on have been applied in grain production in Dongyang City." Pan Zenghui, deputy head of the agricultural machinery station of the Agricultural Bureau, said

with the orderly promotion of "machine meets the market, and the replacement of machines in the western district", Dongyang has built three agricultural machinery comprehensive service centers, one national agricultural machinery professional cooperative demonstration society, five provincial agricultural machinery professional cooperative demonstration societies, 28 grain drying centers, 14 rice seedling raising centers, and four smart agricultural machinery equipment application demonstration bases. The mechanization level of Dongyang City is expected to make new breakthroughs in rice cultivation, harvest, drying and plant protection

it is understood that by the end of 2018, Dongyang City will strive for the mechanization rate of rice cultivation and harvest to reach more than 82%, and the application level of high-tech plant protection and drying mechanization of rice in Dongyang City will strive to exceed 60%, comprehensively improve the mechanization level of the whole process of rice production, and complete the establishment of the national demonstration county for the whole process mechanized production of major grain crops and the provincial demonstration county for machine replacement in the agricultural field

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